Name: Ajax
Rarity: Legendary
Class: Mage
Faction: The Unnamable

Rank : S Tier


Ajax is a unique Mage champion, he belongs to The Unnamable Faction, which means he counts as belonging to any Faction he is placed into and gains the benefits and triggers the effects of that Faction as a standard member would. This applies in all areas of the game except Faction Trials where he cannot be used. Ajax's basic attack is an AoE magic damage attack that damages multiple enemies. His ultimate skill, Destructive Breath, deals 140% (upgraded to 180%) AoE damage every second for 5 seconds and inflicts Burn. His first passive ability, Thunder Strike, gives his basic attack a 15% chance to cast lightning at up to 5 targets within range, dealing 150% (upgraded to 200%) damage and inflicting Slow 25% for 5 seconds, with a cooldown of 10 seconds. His second passive ability, Dragon's Might, causes all enemies within 2 tiles to be inflicted with Magic Defence Reduction 10% (upgraded to 30%).


Talent: Basic attacks have a 10% chance of inflicting Burn.


Awaken 1: When Destructive Breath is activated, increases Critical Damage by 40%.

Awaken 3: Increases trigger chance of Thunder Strike by 10%.

Awaken 5: After casting Thunder Strike, increases damage dealt by 25% for 7 seconds.


Ultimate: Deals 140% (upgraded to 180%) AoE damage every second for 5 seconds and inflicts Burn on all targets within range.

Summary: Ajax is notable for having a wide area of attack, and for being the sole member of The Unnamable Faction, able to gain the benefits of any other faction - if you want better range, slot him with a Star Piercers Lord, while for greater attack speed, slot him with a Nightmare Lord etc. Ajax is a strong Mage champion, able to be used to great effect in most areas of the game but shines when used against lots of enemies, such as Gear Raid 1, Campaign and Tide.

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