Name: Aracha
Rarity: Legendary
Class: Fighter
Faction: The Star Piercers (Lord)

Rank : A Tier


Aracha has a basic attack with increased range that deals piercing, physical damage to a single target, including airborne targets. Her ultimate skill, Spider Stance, evolves her and increases her damage by 40% (upgraded to 60%) while increasing targets hit by her basic attacks by 1 for 20 (upgraded to 30) seconds. Her first passive ability, Spider Toxin, causes her attacks to inflict Spider Toxin, dealing 10% (upgraded to 15%) Magical Damage (based on her attack) per second for 3 seconds and causes enemies to explode upon death, dealing 20% AoE damage to surrounding enemies and inflicting Poison. Her second passive ability, Messy Web, allows her to shoot webs. After every 6 (upgraded to 4) attacks, her next attack ensnares the target in spider webs for 1 (upgraded to 2) seconds, and if the target is airborne the duration is extended to 2 (upgraded to 3) seconds.


Talent: When attacking unblocked targets, increase critical rate by 10% and damage by 20%.


Awaken 1: During Spider Stance, all damage increases by 20%.

Awaken 2: Attack +300, and faction allies deal +5% damage to airborne targets from Piercing Vision.

Awaken 3: Increases the duration of Spider Toxin and Poison by 2 seconds.

Awaken 5: When an enemy with Spider Toxin dies, deals 110% AoE damage to nearby enemies affected by Poison.


Ultimate: Spider Stance evolves her and increases her damage by 40% (upgraded to 60%) while increasing targets hit by her basic attacks by 1 for 20 (upgraded to 30) seconds

Summary: Aracha is a Legengary Lord of The Star Piercers faction, a fighter with the unique ability to deal all 3 primary damage types, physical, magical and piercing, as well as inflicting Poison and webbing enemies, which gives her the ability to provide some control. She has an increased basic attack range compared to most fighters which is increased even further when in the Lord position, which grants all faction members (including herself) Piercing Vision, increasing their range, and damage by 5% for each tile between them and their target up to 50%, while her Talent increases her critital rate and damage against unblocked enemies (all airborne targets, and all ground targets until they reach an allies tile). She shines in many areas of the game, especially Campaign, Trial, Guild Boss, Gear Raid 3 and anti-air Arena.

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