Name: Ares
Rarity: Legendary
Class: Fighter
Faction: The Nightmare Council

Rank : B tier


Ares' basic attack deals physical damage to 1 enemy. His ultimate skill, Outrage, increases damage by 50% (upgraded to 70%) and grants a 30% (upgraded to 40%) chance to inflict 30% Vulnerability to Physical Damage. His first passive ability, Vital Strike, grants a 25% chance to trigger on basic attacks and deals 150% (upgraded to 200%) damage, if the target has Vulnerability to Physical Damage the damage dealt is doubled, and during Outrage the trigger chance increases +10%. His second passive ability, Whirlwind Cut, triggers upon deployment, immediately attacking up to 5 enemies in front of him, dealing 200% (upgraded to 400%) damage and applying 3 second Stun and 8 second Vulnerability to Physical Damage to the targets.


Talent: Basic attacks apply 20% Defence Reduction for 3 seconds.


Awaken 1: During Outrage, increases Attack Speed by 100.

Awaken 3: During Outrage, Vital Strike ignores 20% of the target’s Defence.

Awaken 5: Whirlwind Cut can be triggered on death.


Ultimate: Outrage increases damage by 50% (upgraded to 70%), and there is a 30% (upgraded to 40%) chance to inflict 30% Vulnerability to Physical Damage on the target.

Summary: Ares is a fighter with an increased basic attack range who deals physical damage and, thanks to his Talent, reduces the targets Defence by 20% for 3 seconds. This is separate from Vulnerability to Physical Damage, and combines extremely well to enable him to function as both damage dealer and to support other Physical Damage dealers. He shines in Campaign, Trial, Tide, Guild Boss, and both single-target & Sustained-DPS Arenas.

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