Artifacts are additional power-ups that can be equipped to heroes. The easiest to obtain are the Epic (purple) ones these can be equipped to any class. At Legendary and above they become class specific. In the tables below, we offer some suggestions as to which heroes can equip them but it is NOT exhaustive. For example, Scarlet Hunt can be equipped to any melee hero when they are in a team with a Bleed hero.


Each artifact can be levelled up to 25 by using meteorite. This is collected from Artifact Material Raid, Events, Void Raid and Guild boss. It can also be purchased from the Arena shop. As you level up the artifact you increase the base stat boost to the character it is equipped on.

Base Stat boost
HP 2200 (4650 at level 25)
ATK 777 (1497 at level 25)

Artifact Base Effect (max level if known) Class Recommended Heroes
Scarlet hunt 20% extra damage to enemies with bleed (up to 30%) Fighter Salazar, Ares, Valdov
Olagues Wall Increases block by 1. Increases P. DMG reduction by 4% for every block increase, stacking up to 4 times Defender Regulus, Olague, Baron
Void Gazer Deals increase DMG to enemies beyond 1 tile from the hero. For every 1 tile beyond the first, DMG is increased by 3% Fighter Apsan, Valkrya, Zilitu, Arrogance, Ain, Estrid
Regal Majesty Healing received +20% Defender Regulus, Captain Reve
Nether Messenger Increases damage deal to same target by 5% (up to 9%), up to 3 times. However, the effect will disappear if the hero switches to a different target Marksman Setram, Silas, Luneria, Calypso
Jungle Relic When HP at maximum increases healing effect by 30 Healer Elowyn
Ajax Rage A crit Hit increases crit damage by 25% for 3 Second Mage Ajax, Nocturne, Twinfiend
Gift of Hope Increases Healing multiplier by 30 when healing a hero with less than 30% Healer Ezryn
Blue Sea Ice Ring DMG increases by 10% (15% at Lvl 25). Dealing DMG has a 25% (50% at lvl 25) chance of slowing the target by 50% for 2 sec, which triggers up to 1 time every 4 sec. Mage Shamir, Cursed cult
Crystal of Vileness Deal DMG has a 40% chance of summoning 1 shadow guard with 80% of hero’s stats to attack enemies for 10 seconds. The effect can be triggered as often as 1 time every 20 seconds Fighter Non-bleed fighters
Tear of Starlight ATK is increased by 20% when deployed. When HP is lower than 80% the ATK increase is reduced to 10% Mage Vierna
Skull of Desecration DMG received is increased by 20% while AoE DMG is increased by 25% Mage Ajax, Vierna, Zelus, Eona
The Sharpshooters Crest When there are no enemies within 1 tile AoE DMG is increased by 20% Marksman Nyx, Razaak, Maul
Eye of Sin Increases AoE by 10%. Killing enemies grants an extra 5% AoE damage bonus that lasts 3 seconds Fighter Wrath, Cerberus, Abomination
Flawless blade Increases DMG by 6% every 4 sec when no damage is taken. Stacks up to 3 times. Taking DMG each time removes 1 stack Fighter Zilitu, Arrogance, Apsan
Blood Thirst Increases DMG permanently by 1% when damage is taken. Stacks up to 15 times Defender Baron, Regulus, etc...
Zelus’ Manuscript During the Ultimate, reduces enemies’ received Healing Effect by 30% Zelus Zelus (NB This is not currently working as intended and is a known bug)
Goddess’ Grace Increases’ DEF by 10%. Gains an extra 3% DEF bonus for every 10 sec on the battlefield. Stacks up to 3 time(s). Defender Regulus, Brokkir, Azhor, Baron, Olague
Orb of Euphoria Increases of ATK Spd. Of all heroes in range by 30 every 60 sec, lasting for 10 seconds (lasts up to 40 seconds at level 25) Healer Dolores, Elowyn
Book of Distortion Attacking slowed targets increases ATK Spd by 30 and rage Regen by 25% for 5 sec. This effect can only be triggered 1 time every 8 sec. Mage Shamir, Cursed Cult
Crown of the Depths Basic ATK has a 25% chance to release 1 extra energy ball Shamir Shamir
Lionheart Sceptre During the ultimate, increases the hero’s Max HP by an extra 20% and Max HP of allies within the Ultimate range by 10%. Regulus Regulus
Skull of Ire Increases Initial rage by 450. Abomination Better artifacts are available. Do not recommend.
Scarlet Dagger Increases AoE DMG by 15% and gains 15% Penetration during the ultimate Nyx Nyx
Lunar Veil 60 sec after deployment, gains permanent invisibility and increases ATK Spd by 50 Aylin Aylin
Bones of Savagery During the Ultimate, for each ATK dealt, increases Crit. DMG by 10%, stacking up to 3 time(s). This effect expires after the Ultimate ends. Valeriya Valeriya
Soul Drainer Increases block by 1. Restores 0.7% of the hero’s Max HP every time the heros deals DMG to 1 target, effective to up to 3 targets Fighter Abomination, Cerberus
Holy Radiance After every 10 Basic ATK landed, deals AoE P.DMG 1 time equal to 200% damage Multiplier to at most 5 targets and restores HP for 10% of DMG dealt Defender Baron, Regulus, Brokkir
Prayer Scroll Increases Healing (Single Target) by 3% for every additional ally present stacking up to 4 times Healer Vortex, Hollow
Bloodbond Signet Reduces Max HP by 30% and increases Crit DMG by 20% Marksman Silas, Calypso, Setram
Soulreaper Insignia Increases DMG 5%. After killing the target increases an additional DMG of 5%, stacking up to 2 times. This effect lasts for 10 seconds Marksman Hatsutt, Calypso, Brienne
Wailing Tusk Extends the duration of Glory Recalled by an additional 10 seconds. While Glory Recalled is active increases DMG by 15% Apsan Apsan
Dreamglow When Basic ATK inflicts Magic Incense, there is a chance equal to 50% of Crit. Rate to grant the target a shield equal to 10% of target’s Max HP, lasts 6 sec. Dassomi Dassomi (I guess it lets you use the healing gear with crit rate)
Betrayal Forge During the Ultimate, increases Block by 1. When in the Heated State, the chance to inflict Stun increases by 10%. Each ATK restores the hero’s HP to 3% of Max HP Azhor Azhor
Magmus’ Molten Heart When Lava Flow is activated, deals extra DMG equal to 5% of the hero’s Max HP Magmus Magmus
Destruction Cog Cannon Overload has a 50% cance to fire 3 extra cannon balls Crach Crach
Selene’s Shadow Strike Every 10 M. ATK inflicted, Selene’s shadow strike is inflicted upon up to 3 enemies, dealing 80% DMG. The effect can be triggered as often as every 8 sec Fighter Zilitu, Selene, Cerberus. NB not currently available to forge or in Void.
Blood Drinker DMG increases by 10% (15% at Lvl 25). Dealing DMG restores HP equal to 2% (5% at Lvl 25) of Max HP Marksmen Hatsutt, or any marksmen out of heal range (works well in Void)
Ragnarok Increases Crit DMG by 12%. When HP drops below 50%, the increase is doubled Fighter Chaos (benefits from low HP), sustain fighters (Wrath, Salazar, Gluttony etc.)
Winter’s Grimace Increases Block by 1. While Frozen, the hero restores 10% HP and increases DEF 10% Brokkir Brokkir
Mindflayer The Trigger Chance of Dark Sacrifice increases by an extra 10%. When it’s triggered, the hero restores 35 Rage Nocturne Nocturne
Eye of Annihilation Baic ATK restores 1.2% Rage. During the Destruction Command, 3 extra wave(s) of Meteor Shower will be summoned, which only deal single target DMG Twinfiend Twinfiend
Annihilator Drive Increases the Ultimate Duration by 5 sec and the self-repair duration by 5 sec. Setram Setram
Drakemaster During the effect of Destructive Breath, increases ATK by 15% and the effect duration by 5 sec Ajax Ajax
Bloody Thorn The duration of Scarlet Ferment becomes, and the chance of gaining it with Basic ATK increases by 30% Volka Volka
Ritual Echo Increases the chance of gaining Winged Blessings by 30% when Stormbeak disappears Kaede Kaede
Euphonic Coronet When the Ultimate is triggered, there is a 50% chance to grant one of the following buffs to all allies within the skill range: ATK Spd increases by 60; Rage Regen increases by 30% Crit DMG increases by 30%. The applied buffs last until the end of the ultimate Laya Laya
Sanguine Shroud Reduces the required stacks of marks to trigger Throbbing Wound by 1. When Swish is triggered, deals 20% extra DMG for 15 sec. Selene Selene
Winter’s Herald During the Ultimate, each ATK deals extra DMG equal to 1 time(s) the current ATK Spd. Voroth Voroth
Visage of Sorrow During the Ultimate, increases DMG by 10%, and deals 15% extra DMG to targets with shields. Ain Ain

Cursed Cult heroes are flagged as group as the leader bonus causes them to do extra damage to enemies under control effects. The highlighted artifacts allow this to be exploited.