As an early-game player, BP should not be your focus. However, as a mid- to late-game player you need to start paying attention to your BP, as you need to increase it for Tide / Arena or if you want to join a competitive guild - a strong end game clearance and guild boss score AND sometimes a high BP is what is needed!


A champion's BP increases dramatically based on what gear you give them. You want to make sure that all your champions are geared appropriately for their role, and that you are enhancing the right gear - but that's not all.


Gear Raids, Artifacts, Experience levels, Promotions, Awakenings & Skill Upgrades are all ways to increase a champion's BP, and your account BP overall.


We will give you advice on how to increase your BP efficiently. There is an efficient way to do it, and many less efficient ways. We will guide you so you can make gains in an efficient way, and not waste resources, time and effort.





You want to gear your champions appropriately:

-Damage dealers (DPS) love stats such as : CR - CD - Attack % - Attack Speed.

-Healers love stats such as: HP % or Attack % (depending) - Healing Effect - Attack Speed

-Defenders want: HP % - Defence % and in some cases CR - CD - Attack Speed

As a general rule, don't use the "quick equip" button. The items this recommends are not always the best possible options, and your BP will be effected (not in a good way!). Plus, doing it manually will give you a good foundation of knowledge for gearing in general, for future use.

You can also equip gear on champions you don't frequently use, this will increase their individual BP, and your account BP.


Stop selling Artifacts that aren't top tier - instead equip all champions with an artifact, the higher the tier the better - it doesn't need to be upgraded just equipped. This will increase your account BP dramatically.


You always want to prioritize the champions you use the most, and we advise you to keep some experience saved up for an upcoming champion to get him to 6 stars quickly. You also want to increase your BP so you'll eventually want as many champions at level 60 as possible. The more 6* heores you have, higher your BP will be, and moreso if they are max level.


Like experience, promotion material raids are important! You want your champions to reach the maximum level of promotion. This will give them better stats, enhance their skills, unlock new skills, enhance their range, and ultimately increase their BP.


Stop using epic champions as food. You want to one copy to maximum awakening before you sell other copies for awakening tokens.

This is a great source for BP so don't miss it. If you are a HARDCORE collector, do this with rare champions as well.


You want to upgrade your skills as much as you can, prioritising the higher rarities and working down. Legendary > Epic > Rare.

You should try to wait to upgrade champions for when the event "Corridor of Glory" is live to make sure you get your hands on those Legendary Skill Crystals for free.


Buy as many hero spaces as you can afford - they are a simple, highly useful way to increase your BP dramatically - and chances are you'll need them before long!


Following these guidelines will help you reach a higher account BP overall, as well as improving your champions in an efficient way, and you will not be the type of player who has 3m BP but cannot reach 10k blood on Guild Boss NM4. The guild ranking is unfortunately BP focused and is the only way to reach the top positions in the world ranking, and is the benchmark by which guilds measure their members.


Why my BP dropped considerably after I upgraded a lot of heroes ?

- Probably because You had a lot of food and that food was your BP. If you didn't follow the steps above, your overall BP won't be the same or higher after upgrades.


I have 3 pieces of ATK% on a DMG dealer but its BP is still low, why ?

- Probably because you don't have all the recommended stats for the hero CR - CD - SPD - ATK%


My BP is still low after doing this, why ?

If you've followed these steps there is NO WAY your BP is still low, you must have done something wrong.


Can I equip gear and artifacts to fooder 1* 2 * etc.. ?

Yes, some players are only pushing BP and use fooder as a BP source.


Is it wise to buy Hero slots ?

Yes, the more slots you have the highest your BP will be.