So, you want to gear your champions, and are looking for some advice?


You've come to the right place! Here, I'll provide you with the information needed to be able to select gear for your champions with confidence. Firstly, you need to take a look at your account and decide whether you are early, mid, or late game. 


In general terms, you are early game if you are farming below stage 14 of the 3 Gear Raids. Don't worry, you'll soon be pushing onwards and upwards, and the good news is that the advice for you is both short and sweet: stats over sets. This is your new mantra, say it with me. "STATS OVER SETS". Awesome! So, what this means is your priority should be to push your most important stats as high as possible, don't worry about what set they belong to (if it happens to make a set, thats a bonus, but don't focus on it). For Fighter's & Marksmen, you want Attack, Critical Rate, Critical Damage and Attack Speed. For Defender's, Defence and HP. For Healer's it's either HP or Attack (depending on what improves your primary heal), Attack Speed, Rage Regen and Healing Effect.


Ok, so you are midgame, which in general terms means you are farming between stage 14 and 18 of the 3 Gear Raids? Excellent, you are in the right place, take a seat. Midgame is when you start making the transition from stats to sets, specifically the upper end of midgame but we'll cover what you need to know. You are still focused on stats, but you want to start taking advantage of the set bonuses too. The basic stat requirements for each champion type are listed HERE. As there are so many sets, at the end of this article I'll detail all the sets available and what type of champions are suited for them. Click HERE to go there now!


Ok, so you are the big boys n girls, you are at the endgame stage, farming stages 19-21 in the 3 Gear Raids. At this stage you are all about those set bonuses, and maximising the efficiency of your champions in their role. At the bottom of this article I've detailed all the currently available gear sets, along with suggestions for what type of champions they are suited for - you can get there by clicking HERE.


Ancient Wrath 3pc. - Critical Damage +30%, Critical Damage +1% per Critical Hit, up to 30 stacks. Potentially +60% Critical Damage! Hi, every single damage dealer with high Critical Rate! 


Annihilating Might 2pc. - Critical Damage +35%. This set is ideal for all damage dealers who have 90%+ Critical Rate. 


Asclepius 3pc. - Max HP +10%, Healing Effect +20. This set is made for healers, although some benefit can be gained for all self-healers too.


Calamity 2pc. - Attack +25%. This set is a great pick for damage dealers, attack-based healers, and defenders who have high base attack.


Curse 3pc. - Damage +6% (max 5 stacks) for each enemy in attack range. All damage dealers with a large attack range, typically marksmen and mages, can make great use of this set. Note: Devs have confirmed that Cerberus only counts his own square, so this is NOT recommended for him except in very niche cases (like Gear Raid 1).


Doom 3pc. - Single-target damage +18%. No frills here, if your damage dealer does single-target damage, this set is ideal for them! Defenders who can put out decent damage can also make some use from it if they deal single-target damage..


Fatality 3pc. - Attack +3%, ignores 12% of target's Def & Mag Res. All damage dealers can make use of this set, although those who deal magical or physical damage get slightly more benefit as they are typically used to attack foes with high Def or Mag Res.


Fracture 3pc. - Critical Damage +45% while HP is above 70%. Marksmen, Mages and some fighter's get great mileage from this set, as do self-healers. Avoid The Chaos Dominion Faction members, and make sure you keep those wearing it healed up!


Glacier 3pc. - Gains Attack bonus equal to 6% of base maximum HP on deployment. Note this is not reflected in stats as it is when deployed. Any champion who needs Attack and has a high base HP enjoys this set. 


Guardian 3pc. - Dmg taken -15%. This is your defender set, although it can also we useful for Fighter's who can tank and for anyone who needs some survivability.


Hawk Eye 3pc. - After 5 attacks, Damage +25% for 6 seconds. This set is great for anyone who is going to be frequently attacking, although those with a short attack interval will get more benefit.


Immortal Warrior 2pc. - HP +25%, Def +10%. This set is ideal for defenders and those fighters who can function as tanks, as well as HP-based healers and anyone who needs a bit more survivability.


Infernal Roar 3pc. - Basic attack damage +40%. All damage dealers get benefit from this set, although those with a long-charging ultimate or who do most of their damage from basic attacks will benefit more from it 


Insight 3pc. - Critical Rate +15%, every single-target attack deals additional True Damage equal to 10x level. A set that tops up your Critical Rate and adds additional damage to your single-target attacks, goes well with all single-target damage dealers needing the boost to Critical Rate!


Invigoration 3pc. - Healing Effect +25, when deployed self + 1 random ally in range get +10% Attack. The +10% Attack effect is persistent, so you can place and retreat the wearer to just give the buff to an ally. Otherwise, healers love this set, especially attack-based healers!


Life Force 2pc. - HP +25%. This set goes well with defenders, attackers who deal damage based on their own maximum HP, and anyone who needs some more survivability.


Mana Spring 3pc. - Rage Regen (Auto) +3. A great set for anyone, either those with a long-charging ultimate skill so it charges quicker, or just anyone who you want to be able to use more ultimates.


Night Terror 3pc. - Increase damage by 25% for 3 seconds after making a Critical Hit. While all damage dealers with high Critical Rate can make good use of this set, its ideal for those with short attack intervals to maximise the benefit.


Salvation 2pc. - Healing Effect +25. The go-to set for healers, as well as anyone who provides healing, regardless of archetype.


Styx 3pc. - AoE damage +18%. All your AoE damage dealers can take advantage of this set, typically mages.


Soulbound Arcana 3pc. - After using the ultimate skill, damage increases by 10% permanently, stacking up to 5 times. This set is great on any damage dealer, although mileage will vary based on how many ultimates you can use in the stage.


Unshaken Will 3pc. - HP +20%, when attacked heals 5% of maximum HP, 10 second cooldown. One of 2 sets only available from events so very difficult to farm. It's great for anyone who will be getting hit, mainly defenders.


Warlord 2pc. - Attack +25%, Attack Speed +30. This set is ideal for damage dealers, as well as attack-based healers.


Whirlwind 2pc. - Attack Speed +75. This little gem of a set works well with every single champion except Vierna and Zelus. No, seriously.


Wisdom 3pc. - After using the ultimate skill, damage +35% for 10 seconds. Here's a set for those champions with fast-charging ultimate skills, especially when the ultimate skill doesnt kill all the enemies!