Published on 11 June 2023 at 02:25

What's happening with the game ?

WOR players are experiencing some issues due to the last merge update.

Whether they can't update or not, the game hasn't been kind to some of us.


You are a PC player using BlueStacks or whatever and you can't play anymore since the update ?

FIX : 


1 - Uninstall Bluestacks or whatever and restart your computer 


2- Get a VPN 


3-Set it to UK


4- Download / Install Bluestacks or whatever and launch it


5- Open Google Play on Bluestacks or whatever and create a new Gmail account 


(In some cases you don't want google to ask for your cell number so just choose a girl name under 15 and google won't ask for it)


6-Once logged in, search for the game & install it 


7-  You will have to beat the first chapter and launch the first stage of Chapter 2 before you can switch account.


8- Once you are done with the campaign before switching account :

-IF your account is linked with google ---> go back to the Play store and login to your account.

IF your using facebook ---> download the facebook app on the Play store and login.


9- Switch account 


10- Enjoy



Hope that helps or Whatever :)




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