Name: Calypso
Rarity: Legendary
Class: Marksman
Faction: The Star Piercers

Rank : A tier


Calypso has a basic attack that deals piercing damage to one enemy, prioritising airborne targets. Her ultimate skill, Seal Stone, auto-triggers to summon a Seal Stone that deals 20% (upgraded to 30%) damage whenever she attacks, with up to 4 existing at once. Her first passive ability, Evil Power, auto-triggers after 9 (upgraded to 7) attacks, causing the next attack to deal 150% (upgraded to 250%) damage, with each Seal Stone increasing damage by 10% (upgraded to 20%) and with a 9 second cooldown. Her second passive ability, Evil Protection, triggers every 35 (upgraded to 30) seconds, causing Seal Stone and Calypso to land 2 hits on attacks for 6 (upgraded to 10) seconds.


Talent: N/A


Awaken 1: When Seal Stone deals damage, increase Rage by 5.

Awaken 3: Duration of Evil Protection +2 seconds.

Awaken 5: Can now have up to 5 Seal Stones in existence at once.


Ultimate: (Auto-triggers) Summons a Seal Stone that deals 20% (upgraded to 30%) damage whenever she attacks, and up to 4 can exist at once.

Summary: Calypso is a marksman with a basic attack range who deals piercing damage and prioritises airborne targets. She is an extremely capable marksman, able to do decent damage on deployment which only increases the longer she is on the field thanks to her Seal Stones, until she has the maximum of 4. Evil Power and Evil Protection provide damage spikes; the former by increasing damage, and the latter by upgrading both her own basic attacks and those of the Seal Stones to become double hits. It is worth noting that she does take a while to reach full damage potential, and she is a "place and forget" champion - once deployed, she will continue to do her job without further input. She shines anywhere she has a chance to build up her Stones, particularly Campaign, Trial, Gear Raid 3 and anti-air Arena.

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