Name: Ezryn
Rarity: Legendary
Class: Healer
Faction: The Esoteria Order

Rank : B Tier


Ezryn has a basic "attack" that grants Attack-based healing to one ally in range. His Talent prevents him from taking more than 60% of his maximum HP in damage at one time. His ultimate skill, Verdant Rejuvenation, auto-triggers granting 220% (upgraded to 300%) Attack-based healing to one ally, and grants them his Talent for 4 seconds. His first passive ability, Redemption in Agony, allows him to cast Verdant Rejuvenation and Enlightened Breath beyond his normal attack range with a 60% (upgraded to 40%) reduction in effectiveness. His second passive ability, Enlightened Breath, triggers when an ally's HP drops below 30%, immediately granting a 200% (upgraded to 260%) Attack-based heal, with a 40 (upgraded to 35) second cooldown.


Talent: Damage taken at one time will not exceed 60% of maximum HP.


Awaken 1: When healing a target, increases the effect by 20% of their Attack.

Awaken 3: Changes the HP% threshold for triggering Enlightened Breath to 50%.

Awaken 5: Increases the duration of Verdant Rejuvenation granting his Talent to an ally to 7 seconds.


Ultimate: (Auto-triggers) Verdant Rejuvenation grants 220% (upgraded to 300%) Attack-based healing to one ally, and grants them his Talent for 4 seconds.

Summary: Ezryn is an Attack-based healer who heals one ally within range. He has a few unique abilities, being able to heal an ally anywhere, even outside his range, thanks to Redemption in Agony, and able to give an ally his Talent for a limited time thanks to Verdant Rejuvenation. The former is highly useful in some end-game areas where placement choices are limited such as Campaign (Expert), but as it is reduced in effectiveness it works best on champions with some self-healing. His Talent has the potential to be useful in some situations, especially as he can give others the effect thanks to his ultimate skill, however Verdant Rejuvenation auto-triggers so deployment timing needs to be excellent to utilise well. He shines in Campaign, Trial, Gear Raid 2 and Sustained-DPS Arena.

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