Name: Hatssut
Rarity: Legendary
Class: Marksman
Faction: Nightmare


Hatssut is widely considered to be one of the strongest marksman champions currently available, due to her high basic attack damage and speed and her ultimate which can deal extremely high AoE damage. Her basic attack hits 2 times for 50% damage each and bounces to nearby targets once, dealing 20% damage each (upgraded to 60% and 30% respectively). Her ultimate skill, Ghastly Burst, lasts 3 seconds (upgraded to 4 seconds), dealing 180% AoE damage every 0.3 seconds (upgraded to 230% damage). Her first passive ability, Soul Torment, causes her basic attacks to bounce one additional time, increases bounce damage by 5% (upgraded to 9%), and causes bounces to inflict Defence Reduction 10% (upgraded to 30%) for 10 seconds. Her second passive, Ghastly Stealth, causes her to enter the battlefield with Invisibility for 20 seconds (upgraded to 40 seconds) and each kill increases her attack by 5%, up to 5 stacks and lasts 8 seconds (upgraded to 10 seconds).


Talent: N/A


Awaken 1: Soul Drain damage of Soul Torment +5%.

Awaken 3: Ghastly Stealth duration +10 seconds.

Awaken 5: Ghastly Burst duration +1 second.


Ultimate: Deals damage to up to 5 targets nearby, dealing 180% (upgraded to 230%) AoE damage every 0.3 seconds for 3 seconds (upgraded to 4 seconds).

Summary: Hatssut is a very strong champion, with good basic attack range, a bounce mechanic that allows her to damage outside that range while inflicting Defence Reduction, a unique Invisibility mechanic meaning she cannot be targeted by enemies, and a devastating AoE ultimate. She can be used to great effect in almost every area of the game, especially arena, campaign, all Gear Raids, Guild Boss and Tide. 

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