Name: Salazar
Rarity: Legendary
Class: Fighter
Faction: Nightmare Council


Salazar is a melee champion, able to inflict the bleed status effect on enemies, causing them to take damage equal to 1% of their Max HP per second, and increasing their Physical damage taken by 10%, both effects lasting for 4 seconds. His first passive, Boiling Blood allows him to launch extra attacks, with the 2nd hit a guaranteed critical against Bleed targets, while his 2nd passive, Blessing of Dragon Blood, allows him to heal himself after making 7 critical hits (5 when upgraded).


Awaken 1: +10% basic attack Bleed chance.

Awaken 3: Bleed duration +2 seconds.

Awaken 5: 1st attack of Boiling Blood passive ability is guaranteed to be critical against a target with Bleed.


Ultimate: Slashing Blitz causes Salazar to randomly attack 6 times within an increased attack range dealing 220% (upgraded to 300%) damage with the first 5 hits and 300% (upgraded to 380%) on the last hit, with guaranteed critical hits against Bleed targets while becoming immune to damage for 2 seconds.

Summary: Salazar is widely considered one of the strongest champions available, a hard hitting melee champion with high potential to apply the Bleed status effect. He excels in practically every area of the game, especially Guild Boss, Artifact Material Raid and Gear Raids 1 and 2, along with the Campaign. He is notable for the synergy he provides to the Scarlet Hunt artifact, both on himself and other champions in your team.

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