Name: Selene
Rarity: Legendary
Class: Fighter
Faction: The Esoteria Order

Rank : C tier


Selina's basic attack deals magical damage to 1 enemy. Her ultimate skill, Swish, deals damage to an enemy 3 times, dealing 200% (upgraded to 240%) damage on the first two hits, and 320% damage on the last hit. Her first passive ability, Lunge, has a 15% (upgraded to 20%) chance to trigger, and deals 150% (upgraded to 180%) damage to multiple enemies within her attack range. Her second passive ability, Startling Riposte, give her basic attack and Lunge a 10% (upgraded to 20%) chance to apply 2 stacks of mark, and when Throbbing Wound is triggered, damage dealt is increased based on the number of stacks of mark and applies regardless of distance.


Talent: Applies a mark to the enemy each time damage is dealt. When 4 stacks of mark are applied to an enemy, deals 200% damage.


Awaken 1: Chance of triggering Lunge +10%.

Awaken 3: When killing an enemy, ignores 15% of enemy Magical Resistance for 10 seconds.

Awaken 5: Enhances Swish, each time the ultimate skill is triggered, the next use gains +2 targets.


Ultimate: Swish deals damage to an enemy 3 times swiftly, dealing 200% (upgraded to 240%) damage for the first two hits and 320% damage on the third.


Summary: Selene is a fighter with an increased basic attack range and who deals magic damage. Unfortunately she is a rather lacklustre champion other than this, as her skills don't deal a large amount of damage when compared to other similar champions, and her usability drops off quite quickly as you gain other, "better" champions, although she could theoretically become increasingly useful as you gain awakenings. She shines in Campaign, Trial, and Arena.

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