Name: Volka
Rarity: Legendary
Class: Fighter
Faction: Nightmare Council

Rank : A Tier 


Volka is the reward for completing the Hero's Path. She has a unique Scarlet Ferment mechanic which increases her attack and defence by 3% per stack for 20 seconds. Her talent gives her a 30% chance to gain a Scarlet Ferment stack with each basic attack and an extra stack when killing an opponent. She has an AoE basic attack hitting 3 targets in range for 100% damage. Her ultimate, Blood Source, marks 1 enemy in range with the highest Max HP, inflicting Vulnerability Physical Damage 10% & Vulnerability Magical Damage 10% (upgraded to 20% for both) for 10 (upgraded to 15) seconds, and if the marked enemy is killed Volka heals 30% (upgraded to 50%) HP and gains 2 stacks of Scarlet Ferment. She has an auto triggered ability, Midnight Requiem, which triggers at 7 Scarlet Ferment stacks, consuming 2 stacks to cause 260% (upgraded to 300%) AoE damage and inflict Damage Reduction 30% to up to 10 targets for 3 (upgraded to 5) seconds. Her passive ability, Scarlet Feast, heals allies by 1% (upgraded to 2%) on their basic attacks and herself by 4% (upgraded to 7%) on her basic attacks.


Talent: After each basic attack, 30% chance to gain 1 stack of Scarlet Ferment. Gain 1 extra stack of Scarlet Ferment on a kill.


Awaken 1: Provides a 25% reduction in revival times for your team, enabling much faster redeployment.


Awaken 3: Scarlet Feast effects doubled.


Awaken 5: Deals 30% increased damage to enemies with debuffs.


Ultimate: Inflicts 1 enemy within range with highest Max HP with physical and magical vulnerability by 10% (upgraded to 20%) for 10 (upgraded to 15) seconds. If marked target is killed, Volka heals 30% (upgraded to 50%) HP and gains 2 Scarlet Ferment stacks.

Summary: Volka provides much needed support features, able to apply debuffs, allow all champions to heal themselves, and reducing redeployment costs of your team. She can be used to great effect in most areas of the game, especially those with a "boss" or continuous damage, and excels in Gear Raid 2 when using the redeployment strategy to avoid the Golem Shriek, as well as anywhere you need a little extra healing or to redeploy faster.

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