Name: Zilitu
Rarity: Legendary
Class: Fighter
Faction: Infernal Blast


Zilitu is currently the strongest champion available by quite a large margin, offering unparalleled damage potential. Her basic attack deals damage to a single enemy, including airborne targets, while blocked enemies take 20% more damage. Her ultimate, Will of Hengemony, increases her attack range and deals 300% (upgraded to 380%) extra damage for 25 seconds (upgraded to 35 seconds) while inflicting Burning with each attack, and the duration is extended for every kill made while it is active. Her first passive ability, Soul Siphoning, causes her attacks to deal additional True Damage equal to 40% (upgraded to 60%) of her Attack to enemies above 80% HP. Her second passive, Empress Might, causes her to charge energy after 3 seconds of not attacking, increasing damage by 5% (upgraded to 10%) per second up to 25% (upgraded to 50%). The charged energy is consumed in 1 second.


Talent: N/A


Awaken 1: Soul Siphoning HP requirement reduced 70%.


Awaken 3: Will of Hengemony duration +10 seconds.


Awaken 5: Recovers 10% HP for each stack of recharge consumed during Empress Might.


Ultimate: Increases damage and attack range, inflicting Burning with each attack. Duration is extended for each kill.

Summary: Zilitu is currently the undisputed queen of Watcher of Realms, an absolute wrecking machine who only becomes even more impressive when teamed with one of the Infernal Blast Faction Lords, Twinfiend or Pyros. Able to hit both ground and airborne targets, inflict Burning, and become even stronger whenever she doesn't attack for a few seconds and with an ultimate skill whose duration is extended for each kill while active. She shines in every single area of the game.

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Commemorate the day!

a year ago

Today is my 100th day playing Watcher of Realms, and I still don't have Zilitu!!!!